Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Welcome to Freedom From Harm, a project dedicated to supporting people of any age affected by self-harm and eating disorders by providing information, advice, training and resources. We’re still very much in the process of developing content for the website, and wrestling with colours, logos and layout – if you visit regularly you’re likely to find a different looking website every time, such is the pain of indecision.

Coming soon will be some blogs and info specifically tailored for those in their 20’s and 30’s who deal with this stuff while also juggling the reality of going to Uni, getting married, having kids etc. For a long time there’s been a real emphasis on reaching out to teenagers, and while we believe that absolutely must continue, we want to extend that support to those, like many of us, turned 18 and found that life didn’t magically sort itself out. Doesn’t mean it can’t, though…

More soon,


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